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Former patients challenge oral surgeon's testimony

Karen Dorn Steele (Staff Writer)

August 21, 2008

Three women treated by Dr. Patrick Collins for jaw problems testified that the Spokane oral surgeon promised to be their "hero" or "savior" - and then turned on them when they reported post-operative pain.

Their testimony Wednesday in the malpractice trial brought by former patient Kimberly Kallestad undercut Collins' earlier testimony that he likely never claimed to be a "hero" to Kallestad and didn't say her severe pain was "all in her head."

But Spokane County Superior Court Judge Michael P. Price strictly limited the new testimony in the trial's rebuttal stage, and the jury was not allowed to hear the medical specifics of what brought the women to Collins in the first place or how he treated them. Price also allowed only three of eight potential witnesses to testify.

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